When Is Termite Season and How Long Does It Last

termite servicesA lot of homeowners believe that the prime termite season happens when termites come in swarms. But, when your home is infested with termites, you may see damage any time, whether you see swarms or any other warning signs. You need to hire experts that provide termite services.

Spring is the swarming season for many subterranean termites. Most of their species swarm during the spring season as well as the summer months, usually when the day is warm and the winds are calm following a rainfall.

Drywood termites and one specific species of subterranean termite, also known as the R. hageni, usually swarm during the later summer season or the fall months, generally from August to March.

There are many subterranean termite species and they do not all swarm at the exact same time. Meanwhile drywood as well as dampwood termites tend to swarm in the summer. Species have a tendency to swarm during good weather conditions. Different conditions may mean that swarms will appear during varying times. For instance, there are species that love moisture than others. Meanwhile, separation in swarm timing might be about a couple of weeks or time of day.

Springtime Flowers as well as Termite Swarms

Swarms could be linked loosely when certain trees bloom. For instance, one of the species of the Eastern subterranean termites swarm the bud and flower of the dogwood tree swell and appear. The swarming of a closely related termite species was once connected to the chestnut trees’ blooming, however a blight killed many of those trees, so we need to look for another marker.

Because many of the species of the subterranean termites tend to swarm during the spring and summer, this is the time when homeowners see signs of infestation. In the summer season, the activity inside the colony of subterranean termites starts to calm down to eating and foraging.

Summer Termite Activity

Gone are the days of soaking in springtime rain. The moisture led to all these problems inside the colony, especially when the parts of the colony have been flooded. The seasonal weather conditions led to the death of several workers, and now they are smaller. However, the secondary queens will start with a lot of egg production and the workers’ numbers will eventually increase. The will be more predictable as well. The soil’s upper layer will be moist and warm and there will a lot of food to be found. If you’re having problems dealing with them, you should seek out termite services Myrtle Beach.

Fall Termite Swarmers

Flight times for termite species differ according to the favourable weather conditions, and that means not all termite reproductive will swarm at the exact same time. In the eastern part of the United States, the major species usually swarm for about a month apart, with the Eastern subterranean termites to come first during April and it will followed by the dark Southern subterranean termites when May comes.

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