Summer Pest Control Tips

pest controlThe weather is warming up and the bugs are starting to swarm!  Most pests such as mosquitoes, ants, bees, millipedes, flies and termites will breed at a higher rate in summer than any other season of the year.  Summer also tends to bring dryer weather which forces these pesky insects inside in search of food and water.  Since prevention is better than cure, homeowners need to be armed with sufficient information on the pest control measures to be taken in order to prevent invasion by pests at their homes.

Simple Tips For Summertime Pest Control

Mosquitoes are one of the most popular pests known in the world. One of the key issues to tackle is the destruction of the breeding sites of the pests. Dumpy environments with stagnant water encourage the breeding of mosquitoes. This is dangerous since mosquitoes can spread disease.

To tackle this problem, you need to drain all the stagnant water around your home. This should be encouraged even amongst neighbors to come together and dry up the area to avoid a breeding site in your neighborhood affecting others.

In addition, it is important to keep vegetation from being too near to the site of your home. Unnecessary vegetation should be cleared and the grass should be kept short for good pest control in Myrtle Beach. This is because most pests like adult mosquitoes use this vegetation as hiding areas. Any containers that are used to dispose of trash should be always covered. It is also important to consider drilling holes at the bottom of the trash container to prevent it from holding water that can encourage mosquitoes to breed.

While you are cleaning up the yard, you will want to clear all the cobwebs to eliminate spiders around your backyard. This will protect you from the danger of a spider bite.  Here in Myrtle Beach, brown recluse spiders are especially prevalent and very dangerous.

pest controlAnother summertime pest is bees whose sting is very painful and may even cause death in the case of a person with an allergy. It is advisable not to get too close or near their nesting places. Ants are very harmful to humans since they destroy wood by creating nests which they then use to lay eggs and bring up their young.

It is wise to avoid the direct contact between the wood and the ground. It is also good to identify where the parent nest of the ants is in order to apply insecticide and kill the queen, this brings to a halt further reproduction hence bringing down the whole colony. This is one instance where you will want to call an experienced pest control specialist like Zap Pest Control Inc.

One pest control measure to prevent insects from entering your home is to fill any holes in the wall or even leaks on your roof, it is advisable to repair them to prevent pests from easily accessing your house. Pests like mosquitoes and wasps are very active during summer, and it is advisable to keep windows and doors shut most of the time. You may want to avoid being outdoors during morning hours and at dusk, mosquitoes are very active.

Cleanliness is also another pest control tool to curb pests like cockroaches and rodents which feed on the leftovers. To prevent this, ensure that you clean your kitchen and dishes. Always cover or dispose of the leftovers. Homeowners should regularly consider draining and changing the water in flower pots to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Swimming pool covers should also be drained.

These are a few tips that will help cut down on the number of invaders in your home in the summertime.  You will also want to have regular pest control treatments to eliminate problems.

Give Zap Pest Control Inc. a call when you see these summertime pests invading your living space and we will take care of your pest problems.

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