Spring Cleaning and Pest Control Tips

pest controlSpring is here, and with it comes the chance to get your home ready for summer. As you tackle that list of spring-cleaning chores, don’t forget to check off one more important item: inspect your home for pest hotspots and use the most effective pest control methods to get rid of them. By nipping them in the bud now, you can relax all season long knowing that unwelcome visitors won’t be crashing your family barbecue!

Spring Pest Control Tips


Springtime can bring more than just blooming flowers; it also invites pesky pests, such as ants. While busy rummaging through crevices for morsels of food, these critters often make their way into kitchens due to easy access to sources of sustenance and water. When it comes to the best pest control in Myrtle Beach, regular cleaning is essential yet additional measures should be taken – like removing crumbs left lingering after meals, wiping up liquid spills promptly, and discarding overripe fruit quickly – that will give invaders fewer incentives to venture inside this frequently used room!

Transform your kitchen into a sparkling, pest-free zone by taking the time to refresh its contents. Start with purging date-expired spices and baking ingredients from cabinets and pantries – these attract pests including beetles, moths, and ants! Vacuum behind appliances you can move away from walls for dirt buildup that could surprise even the most diligent cleaners. Give counters and floors some TLC too: wipe down surfaces before giving them a good scrub using dishwashing liquid mixed in warm water for a spotless shine that lasts beyond one mealtime.


Spring is the perfect time to inspect and eliminate potential sources of water in bathrooms. Cockroaches, silverfish, and other pests are attracted to moisture – so it’s wise to scan under sinks, around tubs & toilets as well as give shower liners a thorough cleanse. Doing this can help you prevent infestations due to these pesky critters only being able to survive up to one week without any H2O!


Basements are often the go-to spot for unwanted house guests, from spiders and mice to a variety of other pests. Dark corners and clutter make attractive hiding spots, so it’s important to remain vigilant about keeping your basement organized. Stow away valuable items in plastic bins with secure lids rather than cardboard boxes; sealing cracks or crevices is also key since even tiny openings can give critters an opportunity to get inside. With careful attention, you can ensure that along with warm temperatures come unwelcome visitors no longer!

Outdoor Space

Give your home the spring tune-up it deserves! Start at the top with a roof audit, looking for damaged fascia and worn shingles that can attract bugs. Don’t forget to clear out any clogged gutters and downspouts so April showers won’t cause an obstruction. Finally check screens, weather stripping, and foundation/window mortar for wear – replacing where necessary will provide extra protection from harsh winter conditions.

Keep your home safe from pesky spring insects and termites by giving it an expert landscaping touch-up! Trim bushes away from the house, remove rotted tree stumps, and keep mulch at a minimum 15″ distance around the foundation. A few simple steps will create peace of mind for you to enjoy all season long.

Take the opportunity this spring to improve and maintain your living environment! Doing so will not only keep your family safe and healthy, but it can also help prevent pests from invading. So seize the moment – a season of renewal is upon us; let’s make our homes stronger than ever before!

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