How to Protect Your Home from Termites in a Foolproof Way

termitesAll kinds of people seem to be drawn to a busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, termites are also attracted to this lifestyle. Everyone has heard of termite damage. You probably know that termites can cause damage to your home. There are many misconceptions about termites. What you don’t understand could cost you a lot of money.

It can take termites up to one year and a quarter to cause serious damage to your home. Subterranean termites are the most damaging and effective termites that can invade your house. They cause homeowners $3,000 worth of damage in 18 months.

Drywood termites and other termites that prefer to feed on wood that is not damaged will typically cause the same amount of damage within two years. Ultimately, termites are expensive but can be avoided if you detect an infestation early.

It is difficult to detect worker termites. The termites that are eating your house away will not be visible to you, but there may be other signs. Subterranean termite invasions are usually characterized by the following:

Mud tubes are typically found at the base of your home’s foundation walls, either on the exterior or in the basement.

Tightening the frame around your windows and doors: If you find opening or closing them difficult, termites may have caused internal damage.

When potential enemies threaten soldier termites, they may make clicking noises to warn the other termites.

Damage to wood that is visible: This can be seen in outdoor areas, especially in wooden fences and decks.

termitesYou’ll see many of the same symptoms if your home has been infested by dry wood termites. The mud tubes are an exception. Drywood termites are not subterranean, and so do not create tubes on the foundation walls. Frass is excrement and sawdust that they leave behind as they dig their tunnels.

Do not try to eliminate termites alone if you see any of these symptoms. This will only lead to a prolonged infestation. Call a pest control expert instead of buying store-bought products that are rarely effective.

Ways To Avoid Termites

There are many ways to prevent an infestation.

Properly maintaining your lawn can reduce the clutter and moisture that attract termites. Controlling moisture problems in your home can reduce the chances of an insect infestation. Termites will be repelled by storing firewood, wood and other materials up and away from your house. By creating a barrier of pine straw, or gravel around your home, you can prevent termites from entering.

When done correctly, professional pest control in Myrtle Beach will protect your house from termites more effectively than any other method. One method will guarantee to keep termites out of your home. Is it worth risking thousands of dollars to DIY termite control?

Don’t let the health of your house be at risk. Professional termite control is key to termite control and prevention.

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