Pest Control Tips: Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks this Summer

pest controlIf you think that your pets and family are safe from fleas or ticks as long as the pests stay in your yard, then this is not true. This is not a guarantee. Fleas, ticks and other parasites will take advantage of any opportunity to attach themselves to us or our animals. Follow these best pest control practices for flea and tick control to keep your family and pets safe during the tick and flea season.

Keep your pets safe from fleas and ticks

What Are Fleas and Ticks?

It can be difficult to distinguish between ticks and fleas due to their similar size and color. Here’s how you can tell them apart.


The fleas are the smaller of the two. The exoskeletons are shiny and reddish brown. Fleas are difficult to see at only 2.5 mm long, especially if you have a pet with dark hair. The fleas don’t possess wings but make up for it by jumping extremely high. They can jump up to eight inches, which is about 150 times their body height. It’s pretty amazing! It’s important to treat your home for fleas every year. Fleas will infest the areas where your cat or dog likes to nap. The fleas bite pets and people but do not live in humans like other pests such as ticks. Fleas are usually brought inside by our pets. The bites of fleas cause red, swollen and itchy bumps. In extreme cases, your dog may have an allergic reaction.


Ticks do not have the same ambition as fleas. Fleas use their ability to jump onto your pet when it passes. Ticks can’t jump well. Ticks prefer to hide under tall grasses, where they can grab onto leaves and stems to cling on to and wait until an animal or person brushes against them. They will then latch on to the victim. They can survive on humans for a long time, unlike fleas. They can be brown, reddish-brown, black, or yellow. Some are about the size of fleas, but most are several millimetres bigger – especially when they’re engorged with venom.

Fleas and ticks can carry diseases

When bitten by a tick or flea, it’s common to experience an itchy bump that typically subsides within a few days. However, it’s important to recognize that these seemingly harmless bites can lead to more serious conditions. For instance, both you and your pet are at risk of contracting illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Equine Encephalitis, and even tapeworm infestation.

Beyond the immediate discomfort, certain individuals may develop unexpected allergies to red meat following a bite. This allergic reaction can occur after repeated exposure to tick bites and can lead to symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to severe allergic responses.

pest controlHow to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Hiring a Myrtle Beach pest control company is the best and most efficient way to prevent infestations. Top Lawn provides a tick and flea control treatment for your outdoor area to eliminate the bug problem at its root. There are many other ways to protect yourself and your pets besides a professional application.

Do not neglect the mowing schedule

Fleas and ticks are attracted to taller grass, just like many other pests. Keep your lawn mowed so that fleas and other pests are not attracted to your yard.

Do not provide sources of water, food, or shelter

Fleas and ticks will not stay around if they can’t find shelter or water. You can protect your pets by following these tips.

  • Do not let your pet romp in tall ornamental grasses
  • Seal the undersides of decks and porches to prevent your pets from crawling beneath them
  • Overwatering can attract not only mosquitoes but also fleas and ticks.
  • Leaves, twigs and grass clippings or any other organic matter should not be piled up on your lawn
  • Check Your Pets after they’ve been outdoors.
  • The flea comb can be used to remove any bugs that have ridden along with your pet. Don’t forget that fleas or ticks can be hiding between the pads of your dog’s paws.

Install a Privacy Fence

Consider installing a privacy fence if your property is adjacent to a swamp or wooded area. This barrier will prevent pets from running into the woods, and it will also slow down the spread of fleas and ticks. If you have a playscape, treehouse, deck, patio, porch or any other hardscaping features, consider moving them away from wooded areas. If you are considering adding hardscaping to your yard, place it away from wooded areas. It will reduce the chance of pests invading the structure. Don’t worry if your hardscaping is not easily movable. Zap Pest Control Inc. will identify and treat all hotspots of flea and tick activity.

Hire Pest Control Services at Myrtle Beach SC

Zap Pest Control Inc. has been protecting thousands of homes for years from the dangerous and painful bites of ticks and fleas. Our summer insect program will rid your home of ticks, fleas and other irritating bugs throughout the season! Our applications are timed so that there is never a lapse in coverage.

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