Pest Control – Your Guide To Spooky Pests

pest controlIt’s not unusual to see creepy crawlers, bats, and spiders invade your home on Halloween. Here are some pest control tips and tricks to keep your home from becoming a haunted place:


Because of their hairy appearance, rats are one of most hated pests. They are nocturnal, and can be found nesting anywhere from garbage piles to unoccupied basements.

Rodents can squeeze through an opening as small as a quarter. This makes it easy for them to gain entry to our homes. They can also spread diseases through contaminating food, and cause electrical fires in homes by chewing on wires.

Tip: Homeowners should inspect their pumpkins and fake cobwebs before bringing them inside to decorate for Halloween. When Halloween is over, it’s time for you to put away your ghoulish decorations. This will keep rodents away from your out-of-season decorations.


Bats have been associated with haunted houses and vampires for centuries. Bats are nocturnal mammals and roost in darkened areas such as attics and belfries, under fascia boards and caves. Bats are known to fly to their nests at night to find food, and then return to their nests just before dawn. Rabies can be fatal to bats if it is not treated.

Tip: To keep bats from entering your home, homeowners should screen chimney openings and attic vents. It is important to call a licensed pest specialist if you suspect that there may be an active bat infestation. Bats are protected under law in most states.


A spider crawling on a wall can scare anyone, especially during Halloween. Even though spiders are often feared, there are only a handful of dangerous species in the United States. The hobo spider, the black widow spider, and the brown recluse spider are all dangerous to homeowners. These spiders can bite if they feel threatened or disturbed.

By keeping your garages, basements and attics clean and tidy, you as a homeowner can avoid getting in touch with spiders. When moving long-term items, such as Halloween decorations, make sure you use heavy gloves.

Bed Bugs

In that they feed on human blood, bed bugs are similar to vampires. Bed bugs can be found under electrical switch plates, in furniture crevices and behind baseboards. In an attempt to feed on humans, bed bugs can hide in purses, bags, laptop cases, and other personal items. These elusive pests are not capable of transmitting disease but can cause red, itchy skin.

Tip: Before you go trick-or treating, inspect any Halloween costumes that are being rented or purchased second-hand. You should pay particular attention to the seams inside, as these are likely to be contaminated with sticky white eggs, shed skins, or the actual bugs.

These pests, or any other creepy crawlers real-life, can be found in your home. Contact a licensed pest control professional immediately to assess and treat the problem.

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