Pest Control in the Fall Season

Fall Pest ControlThe fall is a favorite time of year for a lot of us and we get that wonderful breath of cool fresh air as the seasons turn, bringing colorful leaves and cooler air. But guess what? Many pests also come out during this season and we want you to know what you should do to help steer them away.

Tips For Pest Control During The Autumn Months

First, remember that many rodents and spiders, as well as cockroaches will seek shelter in the warm air of your home and so proofing your house against them is key. After all, it’s YOUR house, not theirs!

If you have space under your doors where you can feel air coming in or see the light coming through, then invest in some door sweeps and install those so that small pests cannot crawl in under the doors.

Repair any screens or windows that are damaged and be sure to screen all your chimney openings and vents.

Seal any crevices and cracks that might be outside your home, especially those areas that are entry points for utility pipes.

Remember to always store your food or leftovers in airtight containers with tight fitting lids. When you take out your trash, make sure it’s put into a sealed receptacle.

Check the weather stripping around any windows or basement foundation. Replace any mortar that might have come loose.

Look for any possible areas moisture might get in and eliminate them. This would include things like a clogged up drain or pipes that leak.

Firewood should be kept at least 25 feet from the outside of your home. Keep all your shrubbery trimmed back as well.

The moment you suspect that any pests have gotten in, act immediately so that we may stop the problem before it gets worse! Preventative pest control is the key here.

Rodents carry all kinds of disease and viruses that can make you very ill, including but not limited to, Hantavirus and Salmonella. They can also wreak havoc on your home’s structure by chewing through wires, potentially causing a fire. They can also build their nests in your home’s insulation—a problem you do NOT want.

Many children have asthma, which can be triggered by the saliva or droppings of cockroaches.

Be proactive in preparing for this fall season by getting a thorough preventative treatment for fall pests.

Give us a call today at Zap Pest Control today. Let us help you go into the change of season able to enjoy the autumn air and not worry about those roaches and rodents!

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