Pest Control: Protecting Your Halloween Decorations From Spiders

pest controlHalloween is a time when creepy creatures like goblins, ghosts, and ghouls appear in home decorations. But when they make their home in your holiday decorations, real creepy crawlies such as spiders can cause serious damage to your family. Truly we can help you keep spiders away. We also have some helpful pest control tips to make it easier.

Pest Control Tips

1. You can control insects by practicing insect control

Because spiders love to eat insects, they are attracted to places where they can gather. Spiders will eat any insect they find in their webs or ambush hunting. This includes flies and beetles, as well as wasps. Although this is a good thing, spiders can be annoying if they build webs around Halloween decorations.

Spiders can be discouraged by removing standing water from your home, setting up insect traps, and fixing broken windows or doors screens. Spiders will seek out other web-making insects if there are fewer of them.

2. Take into account the Decor Type

Consider the items you use to decorate Halloween. This may help keep spiders away. Spiders may be attracted to natural hay bales, artificial impressions, and glow-in-the dark items.

You can discourage spiders from looking at your Halloween decorations by using fake hay or lighted decorations. To ensure you are not creating a breeding ground for spiders or insects, inspect your decorations at least once per week.

3. Use Yellow Lighting Outdoors

White lighting attracts many types of insects. Many types of decor can be used on a front porch so that spiders don’t get caught by the light.

Replacing light bulbs that emit white light with yellow ones can help reduce the number and severity of insect infestations. Most insects cannot see warm colours due to their eyesight. Your porch and decor can be made yellow to discourage insects from swarming. You can also hire a pest control expert in Myrtle Beach.

4. For residential pest control, call us

Spiders seek out safe areas to lay their eggs. This can lead to a spike in spider populations that can cause panic and anxiety, particularly if you are afraid of all types of spiders. Although most of the spider species are harmless to humans, hobo, brown recluses, and black widows can inflict a painful and venomous bite on both pets and people. Our spider removal specialists can give you peace of mind so that your Halloween decorations are safe and enjoyable for your family and guests.

Our technicians will inspect the area and inform you if any species are living in or around your decorations. These areas will be treated to get rid of live and egg sacs. They will then inspect your home for any cracks or crevices that could allow spiders to gain entry to enclosed porches. Our pest control specialists will then offer you tips on how to keep spiders and insects away from your home.

Halloween is an exciting holiday. However, spiders can make your celebrations less fun.

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