Pest Control: How To Protect Your House Plants From Pests

pest controlThe most sought-after house decor piece is the plant. They add a warm and inviting feel to your home, as well as keep the air clean. Plants have been shown to be beneficial for your mental health. They can help lower stress levels, improve mood, and increase productivity. There is one drawback to houseplants – those that are infested with pests. Pest control services are available to help you with the prevention of pests in your houseplants.

Meatybugs and scale insects are some of the most common pest plants. If not dealt with promptly, these pests can pose a serious threat to your plants. These tips can help reduce the likelihood of your plants being infested.

Pest Control Tips

Regularly Inspect Your Indoor Plants

Pest infestations can occur quickly. It takes just one bug to infiltrate your home and begin breeding. You should inspect the leaves of your plants once per week for signs of insects or eggs. You should also inspect the undersides, as this is where insects like to hide. You should look for signs such as small holes, browning, and dead leaves. You should immediately take action if you see signs of infestation.

Always check new plants before bringing them home

If you are bringing home new plants from a nursery or gardening store, make sure to inspect the plant for signs of pests. You should quarantine the plants for at least 2 weeks before you place them with your other houseplants. This will allow you to inspect them carefully and identify any potential infestations.

Avoid using contaminated soil

Every 12-18 months, plants should be repotted. When repotting house plants make sure the potting mixture is free of pests. Plants that are grown in contaminated soil can become infested with bugs and thrips. Sterile soil is best for your plants. Sterile soil is good for preventing fungal and bacterial infections. Overwatering can lead to pests in your newly potted plants. To drain excess water, let the soil dry completely before you water again.

Get in touch with your local exterminators

You may need to contact local exterminators in some cases. This is especially true if large infestations are occurring in your home plants. Local exterminators or pest control experts can provide professional treatment options for indoor pest infestations.

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