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pest controlYou take pride in your bathroom’s cleanliness and you smile when it looks spotless. You then see it. The tiny creature is small and has many legs. It just climbed out from behind your toilet. Your space has been invaded by a tiny creature. But what is it? It is likely that there will be many. You must first identify these annoying creatures to be able to manage them. Not all bugs die with the same method, except for a large shoe. Sometimes, however, that doesn’t always work. The pest control expert will be able to determine the best method of dealing with the problem by knowing the exact nature of the pests.


Centipedes can be easily recognized by the many pairs (15-177) of legs they have, even though they are often not seen because of their nocturnal nature. These long-lived insects can live for years without your knowledge.

Pharaoh Ants

The Pharaoh Ants don’t like to nest in underground burrows, but they prefer warm, humid places to build their home. They will hide behind and under anything that isn’t glued down or sealed with putty or caulk. They are about the same size as a fire ant and can be seen in yellow or brown. Because they are thought to have originated in North Africa, they are known as Pharaoh Ants.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are, however, more likely to build their homes in wood, particularly wet wood. Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture and humidity in the bathroom.


These devils have likely been around for a while. Cockroaches are common in your washroom. They are easily identifiable. They are attracted to drains and sewers. Skin flakes fall off when you shower and then they become a perfect roach buffet. But of course, cockroaches aren’t a match for an experienced exterminator.


Silverfish are more of a kitchen bug than a fish. They love mold. They are attracted to moist, warm mold, especially if you’ve neglected your bathroom, or missed a corner while cleaning it. They love to nest in drains where you will see them often. Like rodents, silverfish thrive in areas that you least take attention to.


If the conditions are right, spiders can be found in bathrooms. Although they can be very helpful, no one would want them to be around. This is a bit like hiring a snake for your mouse problem. They love to spend time in the bathroom, preying on other insects that call this place home. The heat is what spiders love, but they don’t need much moisture. However, they like how heat and water attract food so they don’t have to work as hard for it. If the bathroom is dark, spiders are less likely than others to create a web there. You might find other pests in your bathroom if you discover them.

Eliminate these pests immediately!

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