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rodent control conway scEach household will encounter some rodent-related problem at one point or another. As a household owner, you need to be able to identify and handle these rodent-carrying creatures immediately. These rodents can breed quickly so it is difficult to eradicate them from your home. A rodent control Conway SC plan is a crucial step in any home’s “crisis planning”.

It’s not an easy job. There are many effective residential pest control methods, but you must take this issue seriously. Many people save time by calling rodent control professionals. If you’re willing to spend some time and effort in keeping your home rodent-free, you can also try it yourself. If you feel it is not worth the effort, you can always call professionals.

Rodent control Conway SC techniques that work

Effectiveness of rodent control methods depends on the rodent species that are causing you problems. It also depends on the specific logistics of your area and the current situation in your household. We can’t offer specific tips without seeing your home. Here are some general, universally useful tips for each stage in the rodent control process.


Rodents are just like other pests and will enter your house looking for food and shelter. You must stop providing food for rodents as they will often settle close to their food source. You will end up sharing your home with uninvited guests who will cause a lot of trouble.

Consider all the possible places where rodents could find food in your home. Food should be stored in glass or plastic containers with tight fitting lids. This is also true for pets’ food. Don’t leave food wrapped in plastic bags or paper, as rodents could easily tear them.

After every meal, clean up. Even small spillages can turn into a meal for intruders. Make sure your floors and cupboards are clean and free from food scraps. Do not feed your pet on the floor of the kitchen. After using the dishwashing liquid, wash it and dry it. Wrap food scraps in plastic wrap before you put them in the trash bin. Make sure to clean around and behind the stove and refrigerator.

Rodent control methods – Sanitation

Water is also essential for rodents, according to exterminators. Particularly rats cannot live without water. Apart from food restrictions and water cuts, your rat control plan must also include ways to shut off the water supply. All dripping taps should be fixed. Make sure your environment is clean and dry.

You must ensure that there is no rodent nesting area when dealing with rodents. Make sure you clean all corners of your home. Don’t stuff them with boxes or clothes. Make sure to organize your basement so you are able to spot suspicious changes.

Good hygiene is essential outside your home. Rodents can use abandoned items such as old tires or wood piles as shelter. You should make sure all drains and pipes are covered properly and aren’t leaking. Cover the compost bin with a tight fitting lid. Clean the area around shrubs and bushes by cutting the grass.


While sanitation is the main aspect of rodent control it can be difficult for even the most meticulous of homes to keep them free from rodents. A large rodent infestation can cause this. Rodents can enter your home if they become so numerous that there isn’t enough food for all of them. You can’t have rodent control without rodent proofing your home.

Rodent proofing your home is a good option to keep rodents away

You should inspect the exterior of your home, including the roof, windows, and door frames. Every crack and opening that could be used as a entry point for rodents should be sealed. Keep in mind that rodents can get through the smallest of holes. Mice can pass through holes less than 12 inch in width. You can cover the holes with aluminum netting or stuff them with steel wool or heavy wire mesh. For windows at ground level, make sure your window screens are tight fitting.

After you have “sealed” your home, make sure you keep rodents out of your yard. Rodent repellents can be used outside. This has been proven highly effective. Peppermint oil is one of the best rodent repellents. Peppermint oil can be applied to cotton balls or grown outside.

If you want to repel rodents naturally, you can plant camphor, wood hyacinth and daffodils in your garden. Natural rodent control can also be achieved with spices like cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Rodents “hunting”

You will need to figure out a way to rid these pests from your home if sanitation and rodent-proofing fails you. There are many ways to do this.

Natural predators

Natural rodent predators like cats and barn owls can be used to manage rodents. Keep in mind, however, that not all cats are natural rodent hunters. A family of barn owls could eat over three thousand rodents in their nesting season. A shelter box can be placed outside your home to attract barn owls.

Ultrasonic rodent repellents

A device emitting ultrasonic sound waves is another effective way to control rodents. These sound waves are too strong for rodents, so they flee. These devices can be placed in the windows and doors, and they will open them immediately. Rodents won’t have a hard time finding their way out of your home if you do this.

Two things are important to know before you use this rodent control technique. The sound waves these devices emit can’t penetrate walls so you will need to place one in every room. The sound waves are also a familiar sensation to rodents. These ultrasonic devices may not be able to eliminate rodents quickly.

Rodent traps

Rodent traps can be used to control rodents. If you use traps correctly, they are very effective against rodents. This rodent control method requires that you place many traps in areas of high rodent activity.

There are many options for rodent control, including electronic, live, snap, glue, snap and glue traps. You can use food such as peanut butter, bacon and ground meat as bait.

Poison Baits

Poison baits are also called rodenticides and are comprised of poisonous chemicals that are deadly to rodents. This is the most humane way to control rodents. Rodenticides can be very effective but they can also cause harm to pets, family members, and the environment. If you decide to use this method, make sure you consult professionals in rodent control.

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