Tips For Getting Rid of Bugs Indoors

pest controlBugs love a nice house for the same reasons you do. The want shelter, water, and food. If they could find all these in your house then they’ll move in. That’s why it’s important to know some pest control tips to keep them at bay.

Bugs that are commonly found inside houses are cockroaches, ants, flies, firebrats, spiders, silverfish, house centipedes, and earwigs. Pet owners often times need to address ticks and fleas in the house. All these little critters can show up at different times of the year and there are a few that are more problematic in some parts of the country than others.

Pest Control Tips To Keep These Little Critters At Bay

Small gaps surrounding the front door and the tears in the window screens are huge welcome signs for bugs. Although it is almost impossible to keep these pests out all the time, there are a few pest control tips to help you keep them at bay.

Seal Openings and Cracks

Check your doors, windows, and screens. In case you see holes or cracks, be sure to caulk them or fix them right away. Add in a new weather stripping around the door to not just keep out cold drafts but also to prevent pesky bugs from coming in. Tiny openings and cracks are just like wide open doors for pests so be sure to following this simple pest control Myrtle Beach tip.

Tidy Up Your Kitchen

Not only do you peruse the pantry and kitchen counter for a late night snack, so do bugs, and various bugs love food including baking mixes, cereals, popcorn, nuts, spices, and even dried fruits and pasta. Flour beetles like a wide range of food including cake mixes, spices, and chocolate. Be sure that your food is kept in a container that is tightly sealed and purchase small packages used up in a shorter span of time. The counters and floors mustn’t have food crumbs.

Keep Areas Dry

Another tips from a pest control expert is to make sure that you dry up damp areas. Pests don’t love food, they love water too. As some of these home invading pests like springtails, silverfish, as well as house centipedes love to stay in damp areas. So, be sure to fix any leaky pipe, drain, or faucet. Your air conditioner, dryer, and washing machine must be working properly, too. Check your basement for damp areas and run a dehumidifier if possible. Don’t forget the attic. Make sure that it’s dry, too.

Clean Regularly

Good housekeeping is one thing you have to do when it comes to residential pest control. Regularly empty your trash and vacuum at least once a week. Never forget to clean your kitchen and bathtub because drain flies may live in there if you don’t clean those spots. Use a drain cleaner. Get rid of stacks of boxes, newspapers, and magazines because they can be home to cockroaches.

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