What To Expect During Your First Pest Control Visit

pest controlHave you noticed cockroaches and spiders in the garage or in your kitchen? That could be a sign of a pest problem. If that’s the case, you have to do something right away. Pest control may cost you hundreds of dollars and that’s why prevention is always better.

It is important to keep your home free from pests for many reasons. Also, nobody likes the idea of some creepy crawlers invading their home. Plus, insects like termites may cause significant damage to your house from the inside out. That’s why it is important to get in touch with a reliable pest control company right away.

If it’s your first time to work with a pest control Myrtle Beach company, you will be wondering what will happen during the first visit. Once you’ve set your expectations, you’ll worry less about what will happen.

Pest Control Tips: What Happens During The First Visit

Professional Introduction

Your pest control specialists must arrive on time and dressed in their company uniform. They will introduce themselves to you once they arrive. You have to feel comfortable with their presence in your house because the exterminator have to move around in and out of your home. Be sure to ask questions or raise any concerns if you have any.

Inspecting The Entry Point

One of the most important places that pest control specialists will inspect entry points. This means they will check the doors, pipes, windows, garages, attics, doors, as well as crawlspaces. These are places where rodents, insects, as well as other pests get access to your home. Inspecting these areas will take some time, because the pest control specialist have to search for cracks and locate hidden spots that will allow pests to enter.

Checking The Yard

Another crucial aspect is checking the yard and the rest of the property. In inspecting the outdoor spaces, they will check areas of concern for pest issues in the future.

Moisture Check

The pest control specialist will look for moisture in and out of your home. A moist space will most likely lure and hide pests compared to an area that is dry. They will use tools like a moisture meter and flashlight to look for areas that might pose a problem.

Review and Report

Your pest control specialist will need some time to put together their findings. Some professionals will put together an official report as well. They will spend some time going over the data found and developing a plan for treatments in the future. Let the pest control professional like Zap Pest Control Inc. work alone at this time because it can be quite difficult to gather all the data together and put it in a format that’s easy to read.


Once your pest control specialist have all the data, they will discuss their findings with you. They will tell you what’s happening in your home and what steps must be taken to fix the existing pest problems and prevent the future ones from happening.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now and let our team of pest control specialists help you get rid of all your pest problems.

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