Common Pests In Spring

pest control Myrtle BeachSpring is almost here. You can feel the changes in temperature. You’re seeing signs of plant growth. But it’s not just you who’s excited. Pests also love spring, too. That’s why you need pest control.

Different pests like rats, spiders, termites, mosquitoes, and ants will come out of hiding and start to annoy you. Now is the best time to protect your home against these pesky critters through pest control Myrtle Beach.

Once winter is over, you have to prepare your home and be proactive in fighting pests.

What Are The Common Pests During Spring?

Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ants will start to look for shelter and food once the sun comes out. They can damage your home’s structure since they build their colonies on walls. They will travel far away to find food. In case your house is infested with carpenter ants, you will hear rustling sounds within the walls and inside the woodwork. You will also see wood shavings beneath the wooden items. Carpenter ants will invade your home through electrical wires, telephone lines, attic vents, cracks, foundation, and piping.

At Zap Pest Control Inc., our pest control experts will help with your pest infestation problem. They will identify the source of the problem and make sure that they’re eliminated and prevented from causing further damage to your home.


Nobody likes mosquito bites. Aside from the irritating and itchy bites, you also have to worry about the diseases that they may carry. Spring is the best time to fight off mosquitoes and reclaim your home and yard. Mosquito activities may last up until October and it also depends on the seasonal temperatures.

If you wish to prevent mosquitoes from invading your home, you must get rid of all sources of standing water, mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, and get rid of all the debris.


Termites are known to have a massive appetite for wood. The start of spring and after a rain is the period when termites swarm. But not all termites do these things at the same time. These creatures are destructive and their food can be your home or business structure.

The signs of termite infestations are as follows. You will see bits mud tubes on the exterior walls, termite mounts, wood that sounds hollow, crumbling wood, sagging floors, and discarded wings.


Rats are always active regardless of the season. But they breed during spring. Having them around can be a serious problem for both business and residential owners. Aside from the fact that nobody wants to see them, they can also carry serious diseases.

If you wish to control rats, Check the outside of your home for gaps and holes. Rats can fit through a hole, with a size of a quarter. So make sure to fix any openings you find. You should also put a metal weather stripping under the floors to get rid of gaps. Don’t forget to cover your garbage cans all the time.


Spiders love spring, too. Even though some spiders are harmless, there are species that are poisonous like the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Spiders love the cold environment such as the air vents and the basement. They often enter homes through doors and windows that are poorly sealed.

To prevent them from invading your home, you should seal crevices and cracks around your home’s exterior especially in locations where the utility pipes enter your house. You should also get rid of any moisture sites such as leaking pipes and clogged drains. Don’t forget to keep food in containers that are air tight and don’t forget to dispose of all your trash regularly.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc., now and let our team of pest control experts check, identify, and treat any pest problem that you may have at home.

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