All About Brown Recluse Spiders In South Carolina

brown recluse spidersMany spider species are found in South Carolina, but most of them are harmless to humans. Because of their potential fatal bites, brown recluse spiders are an exception. You should learn more about these spiders including their appearance and how to contact Hilton Head Island pest control.

Brown Recluse Spiders of SC

Although brown recluse spiders aren’t native to SC, they have been present in the state since 1976. They have spread throughout the state over the years and can now be found in all of its counties.

How to identify Brown Recluse Spiders

It can be hard to spot brown recluse spiders. They aren’t large and don’t have any noticeable colors. They reach 3/4 inch in size when they are adults. They are usually light brown to yellowish in color and have a violin-shaped back.

Behavior of the Brown Recluse Spider

Pest control experts say that brown recluse spiders don’t like to spin webs in corners and other places where it might be harder for them to spot. These spiders prefer to be in areas that aren’t disturbed and where they can spend their time. Brown recluse spiders often come out at night to feed. These spiders usually hide in boxes, shoes, or other places that offer them a quiet, dark place to hide.

Brown recluse spiders don’t tend to be aggressive. These spiders can bite if they are accidentally disturbed. They are usually found in hiding areas so you may accidentally come across one when reaching into a box, or taking your shoes out of the closet.

The dangers of brown recluse spiders

Why are brown recluse spiders so deadly? The venomous bite of these spiders can cause skin necrosis or other serious problems for some people. It doesn’t hurt so it is unlikely that you will feel the pain. It can take up to several hours for symptoms of this condition to manifest.

After a while, bites from these spiders can become itchy and sore. Skin necrosis can lead to skin ulcers and skin damage as the tissue is destroyed. This can result in the loss of the affected area, such as a finger, if it is not treated properly. It can take several months for necrotic bites to heal completely.

Brown Recluse Spiders: How to Deal

What can you do if brown recluse spiders are infesting your home? It can be dangerous to try and remove these spiders yourself. You should hire a professional pest control Myrtle Beach company to get rid of them. This will ensure that the spiders are completely gone from your home and you don’t have to be bitten.

Preventing Brown Recluse spiders

If you take some steps to stop brown recluse spiders from entering your home, you don’t need to be afraid. Eliminating places where they could hide is one of the best ways to keep them out of your home. Instead of using bags or cardboard boxes, store items in plastic containers that have lids. If shoes have been in storage for a while, you should give them a good shake before putting them on.

Brown recluse spiders are also found outdoors. If you are outside, be sure to wear gloves before moving piles of wood or other items these spiders might be hiding in.

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