The Best Pest Control Tips For Spring

Pest controlAh, springtime! With the days growing longer and flowers in full bloom, it’s a veritable paradise. Until…the pests start creeping out of their winter hideaways looking to make themselves at home! Keep your living space blissfully pest-free this season with these expert pest control tips for controlling creepy crawlies before they become an infestation.

Pest Control Treatment

Start outside first

Keep pests from invading your home this spring by working smarter rather than harder! A refreshing of the landscaping can go a long way in deterring those pesky critters. Make sure to give them fewer points of access and keep your house pest-free all season long with these helpful tips.

Clean your yard

Maintaining a well-trimmed and properly curated lawn is essential in preserving its health and warding off potential pest infestations. Fall debris, such as dead leaves or decaying logs, should always be cleared away to prevent pests from taking up residence on your property – enlisting the help of an experienced landscaping professional can make this chore easier while guaranteeing that you won’t have any unwelcome visitors!

Check your roof

Noticing pests around your home is never ideal, as they are extremely crafty and can enter through the smallest of openings. It’s important to regularly inspect your roof for common problems like deteriorated shingles, gutters, fascia, or eaves – especially if there has been recent construction. Additionally, you should pay attention to any debris that may have accumulated in your yard- this could indicate issues with the property’s roof which aren’t visible from below. If time doesn’t allow a thorough check of these areas yourself it might be worthwhile considering hiring a professional help to clear out potential blockages and test structural integrity prior to an infestation setting in!

Check the soil

Protect your home from pests by creating a barrier around the perimeter. Fencing, retaining walls made of brick or stone and planting trees are all great options for keeping unwanted critters at bay. Furthermore, it’s important that soil is sloped away from the foundation to avoid water accumulation every time there’s precipitation.  If this requires significant earth movement you may want to consider hiring professional exterminators with machinery suited for such an undertaking.

Seal your house

Get rid of pests with a thorough home evaluation to identify any areas of vulnerability. Look for gaps in windows and door frames, cracked surfaces or chips on window sills, and drafts that may be sneaking through the entryways and attic space. Seal up holes by application of caulk or cement compound around exterior vulnerable spots so those stubborn invaders can’t penetrate your fortress!

Remove all water and food sources

Make sure your home is less attractive to pests by eliminating any potential food or water sources. Store pet food in sealed containers and promptly remove all leftover trash from the premises, including bird feeders that could be within 100 feet of your dwelling. If you have a vegetable garden, make use of fencing or netting solutions to ensure larger invaders stay away. Inspect both inside & outside for standing water; mend leaks quickly so mosquitos won’t take advantage as a breeding ground near you!

Professional Pest Control Treatment

Make sure you head off a critter invasion this spring by being proactive – applying pesticide around your house perimeter can be an effective way of creating a barrier. Choose between tackling it yourself or calling in expert help; pro pest control services in Myrtle Beach will provide more powerful substances, as well as the opportunity to detect and address any infestations earlier on.

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